Steve Lick Timberworks - Restoring the past, crafting the future

                                                            The Old Joinery Shed

   This is actually Mark II of a renovation which was begun 5 years ago. The owner bought a disused corrugated iron shed which had been used by a colourful character from South America as a joinery shop.  The place is tucked away a 5 minute walk from the village main street in a bush setting and appeals to the quirky nature of the present owner. The huge main living area is lined with old fence palings applied as board on batten which is a great backdrop for her artworks and weavings. Her windows are eclectic, ranging from leadlights  to aluminium and the old corrugated iron still clads the outside.

During construction:

                                                         Enclosure of the entry.
This phase of the renovation is about preparation for the future. A new bedroom has been built where the engine room for the machinery was housed, new decks are being built front and back and the windows in her old bedroom replaced for her to use the room as a studio for weaving.


                                       The new bedroom, known as the Boat Room for its shape.   


The next stage is the addition of a back deck to replace the old rotting deck with ease of access to ground level.

                                          Cables will be added later for a deciduous vine.

                                                  The beauty of Australian hardwood.