Steve Lick Timberworks - Restoring the past, crafting the future

                                            The Urban Farmyard

With people becoming more concerned with where their food is coming from, there has been a resurgence in interest in growing your own vegetables and keeping chickens. Most councils will allow you to keep some birds in the back yard as long as you don't have a rooster. There is nothing like collecting your own eggs each day, knowing what they've been fed and having a built in scrap processor in the back yard. No more food waste! What they don't eat can be composted and used in the veggie garden - just make sure the chickens get all the protein and dairy, not the compost heap.
We have had chickens and grown our own veggies for almost 30 years, whether renting or owning. To facilitate this, we have designed and built raised beds which can be moved and portable chicken sheds. This was a series of beds set on an asphalt parking lot which supplied our needs for a couple of years. The beds are made from Australian hardwood and corrugated iron and come in various sizes,                     the smallest starting at $250.00. 



                          Transition Elements

   Decks, pergolas, stairs and ramps are important transitions areas between indoors and out. They extend your living spaces and help you to move smoothly from one place to the next. They can be the difference between the smooth working of a home and unusable areas. Gates and fences are important for defining boundaries and giving a sense of enclosure. They also have the capacity to enhance the period style of your house.